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May 30th, 2016 – Sinergia Worldwide Education participated in GNOTA Pundi of Hope events. This was piggy bank painting competition which was held for all Kindergarten and Elementary student. Not missing this moment, Sinergia deputed Nazla (3rd Grade of Primary student), Alice (3rd Grade of Primary student), and Azriel (Kindergarten student) to be the representatives of Sinergia Wordlwide Education. Great! Two of three from our representatives became the camphions.



Alice gained the 1st place of Painting Competition for Elementary Grade.

Azriel gained the 1st place of Painting Competition for Kindergarten Grade.

Besides, Nazla also got the achievement for Puzzle Competition.

Dheandra Adelina, our A Level student, was also contributed songs in this event. Yeah, she is a singer. Sinergia Worldwide Education tried to facilitate her and all the students to develop the talents.


Sinergia Worldwide Education always gives the best for developing students talent and ability :)