How to be Productive

A goal of a person is obviously to be productive. No one wants to procrastinate all day long and produce nothing for the day, right? What a person wants is to move around and be productive. But the thing is, it’s what people want—not what people really do. As this... read more

Being Positive Everyday

Always being positive is a challenge which could be hard to do when you’re having the roughest days in your life. You would encounter with negativity now and then, although you didn’t mean to—it just came in suddenly. Even though being always positive is hard, there... read more


There are different types of test which can determine your English language’s proficiency. Among those many tests, the most popular and used tests are TOEFL-iBT and IELTS. However, what is the difference between those two? Even though people have heard a lot... read more

Study Tips for Final Exams

This month may be the months where students become stressed or at least anxious. Yes, final exams are slowly but surely approaching. For those who study regularly, it may not be a big problem (or may be not a problem at all) because they are ready—but for those who... read more

Preventing Writer’s Block

Yesterday, we’ve discussed how to make a scientific writing—or in other words; formal writing. Even though it didn’t look that complicated, but a writing will become a complicated one if you don’t know what to write, or as what writers would call; writer’s block.... read more

Advance Your Vocabularies!

Have you ever thought that your vocabularies don’t advance? Well, that’s probably because you’ve been using the same word over and over again whenever you write. This can make you stand on the disadvantage side though, because you are not improving... read more