For most students, this time may be the only opportunity they ever get to travel abroad for a long period of time. Eventually you will find a job and career, and the opportunity to study abroad may turn out to be a once in a life time opportunity.

Take this opportunity to travel the world with no commitments but to study and learn about new cultures. Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other.

1. Hone a new language

Studying in another country gives you a great opportunity to learn a new language. Being surrounded by people who speak the language on a daily basis and used in the correct cultural context offers the best way possible of learning a language effectively.

In addition to the considerable language practice you will get just in day to day life, your host university will likely offer language courses to provide you with a more formal education. Immerse yourself in a new culture and go beyond a purely academic experience.

2. Chance to travel

Our spare time away from the textbooks can be used to explore areas, both near and far, to where you are studying. You will learn things about places you may not have originally known about or considered visiting.

3. Graduate School Admissions

Like future employers, graduate school admissions boards look very highly on study abroad experiences. Students that study abroad display diversity and show that they aren’t afraid to seek out new challenges or put themselves in difficult situations.

Most importantly, students who have studied abroad show just how committed they are to their education. Graduate schools regularly look for candidates who will bring a unique aspect to their university. Students who have studied abroad have shown that they have the curiosity and educational acumen to be a leader in graduate school.

4. Experience another culture first-hand

Immerse yourself in a different culture for a few years, and you get to know about their food, fashion, manners, habits, customs, beliefs and many other aspects of their way of life. Understanding another culture makes you appreciate where they have come from and that there are other ways of life out there beyond your own country’s borders.

5. Gain new skills and overcome personal challenges

Being on your own in a new country sounds like a daunting prospect, but once you’re there and start settling into your new life, you’ll find you are able to conquer your fears, solve problems and overcome challenges. It’s exciting discovering what you are capable of, and by building up your strengths and abilities, this will help you to take on more challenges in the future.

6. Opening your link  from all around the world

Of course, moving to another country to study means you will make lots of new friends at your university or college. Not only will they be citizens of the country you are in, but other international students who have travelled from their home countries to study there.
Again, this will open your eyes to whole range of new cultures by learning about their background and experiences. Make sure you get their contact details before you leave university so you can keep in touch!

7. Recognizing academic life in another country

Another reason you might consider studying abroad is for the chance to experience different styles of education. By enrolling in a study abroad program, you’ll have the chance to see a side of your major that you may not have been exposed to at home.

You’ll find that completely immersing yourself in the education system of your host country is a great way to really experience and understand the people, its traditions, and its culture. Education is the centerpiece of any study abroad trip—it is, after all, a study abroad program—and choosing the right school is a very important factor.

So, what must you think for next?

While the cost of living is likely to be high in European destinations, you will find you can save a significant amount of money on tuition fees. At the moment, the U.S is the most expensive country to study for a degree, with Australia and the UK not far behind. If you’re looking to save money, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Portugal are the countries we recommend you start looking at. Asian universities in Thailand, Malaysia and China are also worth a peek.