Procrastination is an action where you’re too lazy to do things which will lead to an unfinished task. It is okay to unwind for a few hours (count it as a quick rest), but it is not okay to do it for a long period of time—worst case is days. If you ever done this, have you ever thought of ways to prevent or solve it? Well, the thing is, the way to solve it is by knowing the reasons why you’re procrastinating—so let’s list things down!

Reason #1 – Perfectionism

If you’re the type of person who wants to do something perfectly—well, you have to watch out, this type of person is number one when it comes to procrastinating. A perfectionist person would plan about an activity over and over again, so it will be as perfect as a masterpiece. This will lead to a procrastination because they will not get started in an instant.

How to Solve It

Don’t worry if what you do is not perfect because you can perfect it at the end of the day. Remember just start, and don’t think or expect about the result just yet.

Reason #2 – Fear of the Unknown

This most likely happen when you’re given a task by a teacher to make something, but you only master half of the material—you have no idea about the rest. It will make you afraid of not being able to finish it or not being able to do it correctly.

How to Solve It

If you have this problem, you should start learning the material—read books and surf the internet are the easiest ways to do a little research.

Reason #3 – I’ll Do It Later

Although not mastering the material can make you procrastinate, thinking a task is easy can also lead you to do it as well. You think you can finish it in no time, so you’ll thinking of do it later. When you have this thought, you’ll be procrastinating all day long and rushing when the deadline is near.

How to Solve It

No matter it’s easy or hard, do it as soon as you have time. Finishing it earlier is much better than finishing it later! After you finish a task, you don’t have to worry about the unfinished work at all.

Reason #4 – Working on Small Tasks Because They’re Easier

It’s not wrong to do tasks from the easier to the harder ones. However, it’s wrong when you keep doing the easier tasks and neglect the harder ones.

How to Solve It

Make a to do list and categorize it whether it’s urgent or not. If you somehow have a big and urgent task waiting for you, don’t do the small and unurgent ones. Whenever you do a list of tasks, make sure to do it based on its urgency—not based on the amount of it.

Those are four reasons why you’re procrastinating and how to solve it. On Wednesday, we’re going to discuss about the other four reasons why you’re doing it, so stay tuned on our website!