Always being positive is a challenge which could be hard to do when you’re having the roughest days in your life. You would encounter with negativity now and then, although you didn’t mean to—it just came in suddenly. Even though being always positive is hard, there are ways to try to make it happen. So how to be always positive when you’re having the darkest days? Today we’re discussing 8 ways to always be the positive version of ourselves.

Being grateful

Being grateful can make you positive every day and all day long. Write down things that you’re grateful of. It doesn’t have to be something ‘impactful’ or ‘fancy’, but little things like “I’m grateful because I’m still alive.” or “I’m grateful because I can go to school.” Read news about poverty all over the world, and you’ll be very grateful of everything you have right now.

Cut down social media

As difficult as it may sounds, cutting down on social media is a must thing to do. Social media can harm yourself if you get into it too much, or you’re to absorbed in explore it. These days, a lot hate or negative posts are spread freely all over the place—which obviously, can affect your mind to be negative. If you don’t want that to happen, cut down your time on social media and only follow those who spread love instead of hate.

Cut negative people in your life

Another thing to cut down is your friendship with negative people. If you’re friends with people who skip class every now and then or those who are rarely study, perhaps you want to stay away for them a bit. Not that you have to completely cut down your friendship with those kind of people, but it will be better if you can step away a little. Don’t let these people affect your positiveness.

Laugh every day

Not the love-to-laugh kind of person? Well, try to be one. Laughing can make you feel better and happier. Try to laugh at the smallest jokes, even when it’s not that funny. Go and watch comedy movies or videos—it helps you relax and move away from life’s stress for a moment. But remember, don’t laugh at one’s difficulty or trouble.

Read books with hopeful messages

Books with hopeful messages like chicken soup or any other quote books can help motivated you. As it is tended to help people to go through difficult time, this type of books can help you to be positive as well. Books with hopeful messages can be found anywhere in the book stores or online, but make sure to find the one that fits you the best. Oh and remember, after reading the book, don’t forget to share its’ positivism to your friends and other people!


Dedicate five or ten minutes before you go to sleep everyday to think about what happened during the day. Evaluate yourself—what you shouldn’t be done and what you should’ve done. This can make you know what you did wrong and how to fix it the next day, to make sure not to do it again. Listening to slow and calm music can help you relax as well. Try to do this at night, and you’ll wake up in your positive self the next day.

Help someone else

Nothing beats the positivism in helping someone else. Helping other people can release stress and can make you happy. According to a scientific study, volunteering can release stress in which, as the scientific study says, can longer your life span. Other than that, a reaction someone made can also affect your mood. If you help a stranger and that person beams with happiness, it will affect your mood and you’ll be happy throughout the day. Try to help someone, it barely costs you anything and it’s beneficial to you.

Plan a trip

Not going on a trip for years can make you stress. Go on a trip at least once a year will help you to reduce yourself. It doesn’t have to be somewhere hip or fancy, but just being able to see greens and new scenery can affect your mood. If you don’t have enough money and time to go somewhere far and expensive, you can go to places not to far from your home and have fun in there. Just remember, don’t ever go with someone whom you’re not comfortable with—it will make you more stressed until the last day of the trip. Yikes!

Those are simple yet effective ways of being positive every day. If you think you can do it right away, then do it. After about a week, you’ll see a quite difference in yourself. The point is, don’t let the negativity affects yourself and mood!