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Online Homeschooling is a program of Sinergia Worldwide Education to facilitate students who want to study at home. The curriculum of the Homeschooling Program is based on a curriculum with a level start from Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. Sinergia Worldwide Education gives services for all students, includes special needs.

We are open for Grade:
1. Preschool (2-5 years old)
2. Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
3. Primary (Grade 1-6)
4. Lower Secondary (Check Point)
5. Upper Secondary (O Level/IGCSE)
6. AS & A Level

We have several curriculums including:
1. Cambridge UK (International Program)
2. K-13 (National Program)
3. Blended curriculums (The combined curriculum between Cambridge UK curriculum and National K-13 curriculum, can be adjusted regarding on students needs)

For more information, please visit our center or give us a call at:
▪️Sinergia Jakarta
STC Senayan 2nd Floor No.51-54
Jl.Asia Afrika Pintu Gelora IX, Jakarta, 10270
▪️Sinergia Surabaya
Jl. Pattimura Ruko Plasa Segi 8, Kav A 853
▪️Phone : 021-57931911
▪️Mobile : 082131462895 | 081287118389

Also, visit our social media:
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▪️Twitter : @sinergiajkt | @sinergiasby
▪️Line : @sinergiaeducation
▪️IG : @sinergiaeducation | @sinergiasurabaya

Head over to our website to get more information and do not hesitate if you have any inquiries by joining our web live chat on:
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