Each person has different learning styles. Known as VAK, learning styles consist of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Knowing your learning style will be very helpful when it comes to study because you don’t have to waste your time and learn through other learning style which won’t help you memorize anything.

Those whose learning style is visual, can understand and memorize materials better when they are shown videos, books, or animation during the class. For auditory, you can use audio books to learn, as well as listen to podcasts related to study during your free time. Kinesthetic people tend to understand things better when they learn outdoor or demonstrate something during learning time.

How to determine whether you’re a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic? We have a few steps for you to try as well as tips to improve your memory!

Never Ending Read

Not only materials you learn at school, you can also look for articles or journals on the internet in order to understand the concept better. For example, you are talking about body anatomy in school. When you’re home, you can look up on the internet about body anatomy because perhaps it will help you to understand it a lot better.

Listen to Audio

Now, this is for auditory learners. Listen to audiobooks or listen carefully to what your teacher says. Don’t forget to write the key points of what you heard, so it will be easier for you to remember what the teacher’s said.

Write Things Down

No matter how you learned, you have to make sure you write down the key or main points of a topic. Try to write neatly in and color code it, so it will makes your brain easily absorbs the information. You can also make questions to ask yourself in the future, during the review time before exam.

Talk Out Loud

Re-read your notes and read what you’ve written out loud. This will improve your brain in memorizing the materials. You can also try to teach someone about the material you’ve learned. Teaching means two times learning, so it’s one of the great options to improve your memory!

Mind Mapping

Having difficulties when it comes to learn because you’re tired of black inks? Try to make mind mapping and make it colorful. That way you will be motivated to learn and you can memorize the material faster!

Test Yourself

Ask your friends or parents to make some sort of a quiz for you. It doesn’t have to contain a lot of questions, but make sure it covers the whole materials of you have just studied. You can also look up on the internet, as exam papers are spread all over the place.

Eat Properly

Don’t fuel your brains with materials only, but you have to fuel your body with healthy food. Don’t forget to always eat vegetable and fruits along with your meal. Keeping your body in healthy condition relates to the brain as well, that’s why you need to keep your body fits, no matter how busy you are with your studies!

The most important to determine whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinesthetic is by trying it all yourself. Well, you can also go to a psychologist and take a test to find out, but you can also do it at home for free. After trying those tips above, you will most likely finding out which type you are. After you know the result, don’t hesitate to keep doing the same learning method! When you study in a manner that you like, you’ll be fond of studying anytime soon. Good luck!