Indonesia Robotic Olympiad 2019

     Indonesia Robotics Olympiad (IRO) is one of the famous robotics competitions for student in Indonesia. The main purpose basically to introduce and encourage kids in school age to have robotics experience. The competition used LEGO as main components to build the robots. More than 200 participants from across country joined this year. IRO 2019 was held at 6-7 September 2019 in Gedung Robotika ITS Surabaya.

   IRO was introduced for first time in 2004. Then, it was annually held with various themes in every year. For this year, the theme is about Smart Cities. The competition was divided in several categories depends in their grades and interests. There are elementary, junior, senior, simple-powered machine and programming challenges. All of the categories can be participated in team or individually. Students aged of 6 to 16 years old could sign up easily via online registration. All winners of IRO 2019 will be eligible to compete in World Robotics Olympiad 2019 in Budapest, Hungary this November 2019.

One of our proudly student, Bobby Indra Setiawan was also participant in the competition. He is now in grade 5. He was joined in our robotics class since last May. Tension of competition was quite heavy, we still could see the respect, sportiveness and tolerance. They showed great efforts of building ideas, collecting data and solving their problems which has good impact on new generations understanding technology 4.0.


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