Yesterday, we’ve discussed how to make a scientific writing—or in other words; formal writing. Even though it didn’t look that complicated, but a writing will become a complicated one if you don’t know what to write, or as what writers would call; writer’s block. Having a writer’s block can be annoying and stressing at the same time. Because of this problem, today we’re going to discuss how to set ourselves free from the writer’s block.

Set a Regular Writing Time

This one may be difficult for those whose ideas pop out of nowhere without compromise with the time. However, if you keep sitting down on your desk at 9AM everyday to write, for example—then your brain will automatically juggle the words during that certain hour. This will result having a very once in a while writer’s block, or by any means—you won’t have writer’s block at all!


Whenever a writer’s block hits you, what you really need to do is reading. Read everything you can find, articles on websites, journals, novel, or anything that catches your eyes. This way, you will be inspired to write again, as some ideas will appear. However, do not ever plagiarize something from what you’ve read.

Write Anything

When an ideas or two pops into your head, just write it down. No matter how messy, unistructural your writing is—it’s okay. The point is you have to write down all ideas in your head on a piece of paper or computer, in order not to forget about it. Who knows, your ideas might be useful for you in the future!

Mind Mapping

Making a mind mapping can prevent you from having a writer’s block. Write down any ideas or pictures that came into your head on a piece of paper. It’s sort of the upgrade version of ‘write anything’ because it’s basically the same. However, you need to categorize each word you write, so it will become more organized.

Change Location

Writing in the same place over and over again can lead to have a writer’s block. Why is that? It’s because you’re sick of the place because you see the same things for a while. So if you perhaps love to write at your regular coffee shop and you suddenly having a writer’s block, don’t be afraid to find another coffee shop. A new place and environment will produce extravagance new ideas!

In conclusion, having a writer’s block is annoying, but there are ways to prevent it or to let it go. Set a regular writing time will help your brain vomit ideas at a certain hour, lots of reading can spark ideas, write all your ideas messily will help you not to forget any idea, mind mapping can help to organized, and change location when you write can sparks new ideas as it is a new environment. These steps are simple to do, and you can do it anytime and everywhere. Just remember, the biggest source is your brain, not other people’s works!