This month may be the months where students become stressed or at least anxious. Yes, final exams are slowly but surely approaching. For those who study regularly, it may not be a big problem (or may be not a problem at all) because they are ready—but for those who don’t study regularly, this can be horrifying. Final exams usually take place between one or two weeks, depending on the school, and it takes place before the holiday. As the final exams are getting closer, today we’re going to give you tips how to ace the final exams without any stress!


First of all, it’s sort of impossible to master the whole year’s materials for only 2 or 3 days. The better option is to study way before it starts, probably around one week (before that would be better). This will be the perfect time for you to check if you already get the materials completed or not. Check out your notes or binder and see whether you’ve written down all of your teacher said in class. If you perhaps find your notes a bit incomplete, you can go around and ask your friends if you can borrow their notebooks. You can also ask the teacher if you have something you don’t understand. A little research on books and internet will be a big help, too!

Find the Best Study Place

Everyone has different preference when it comes to study place. One loves to study in a quiet library, one in a busy coffee shop, and the other one in the comfy bedroom. No matter where it is, try to find a place that fits you the best. How? Go and try to study in different places because with that method, you’ll find the place that fits you the best. Oh, one more thing. It is said that studying in an open space or outdoor can help you energize. If your place don’t have a clean park or if you think it will be too hard to study in there, go find a coffee shop that has a half open space—greens can help in freshen your eyes!


It’s not wrong to have snacks beside you when you study. Moreover, snacks give you benefits during your study time. Munching something while studying can help you not to feel bored, and of course, you will not be hungry. Just make sure the snack is in the form of fruit or vegetable, instead of chips or any kind of junk food.


This is one of the most important things. You won’t be able to focus well on your study if you don’t give yourself a break. Remember, studying by yourself is different from studying in class—you are allowed to be entertained once in a while. Those who can study while listening to music can play playlists that they like so they will keep being motivated. Those who can’t live without movies can watch some parts of the movies in between (during break times) or you can tell yourself you can watch a movie after you finish the study—it will be some sort of a reward. But remember, the most important thing about study is to understand the material really well, so if accompanied by entertainment stuff can make you lose focus, turn it off.


If you’re sleepy, just sleep. Don’t force yourself not to sleep just because you haven’t finished studying. Why? Nothing will stay in our brain if you’re studying while being sleepy. Give you’re a half an hour nap so you can focus on the material again once you wake up. Or if you study at night and you feel sleepy, just sleep instead of stay awake for the sake of study. People say it’s better to study in the morning than in any time of a day—you might as well try that too!

In conclusion, to get the best score in finals is by to prepare it from a week before. Pulling an all-nighter won’t help you doing the exam the next day at all. If you have prepared everything, don’t be afraid and just believe in yourself. Nothing beats the power of confidence. You know you’ve studied hard, so all left is to pray and believe in yourself.

Good luck!